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Turkish Delicacies – Popular Istanbul Cuisine

There are tons of places to grab a snack in the massive megacity of Istanbul, from numerous street stalls to fabulous dine-in restaurants with beautiful panoramic views, there’s no shortage of great Turkish delicacies to be had. But, every place has its specialities and these are some of the dishes that stand above the rest when it comes to their popularity.


One of the most iconic dishes you’ll find in Turkey, this dish can trace its origin all the way back to the Ottoman empire. The pastry is layered and filled with nuts then coated with oodles of syrup and a nice helping of pistachio. It’s a common dish that can be found pretty much anywhere in the region and is a delicious example of Mediterranean desserts.

turkish delicacies
Sis Kebab

The term Kebab is one that is used to refer to a wide variety of street dishes but, arguably, the famous of the lost is the sis kebab. While the dish was traditionally made from beef or lamb, today it’s made from a variety of meats or even vegetables so no one needs to be left out when it comes to snacking on this tasty, skewered, charcoal-grilled snack. 


The other popular kebab dish, its modern incarnation offering the same variety as the sis kebab. It’s seasoned with various spices and herbs and slowly cooked on a rotating spit. The end result is served wrapped in bread, usually with a side of sauce. Whatever kind you choose, know you’ll be in for a delightful time with one of the most popular Turkish delicacies.

turkish delicacies

This popular Turkish delicacy is often referred to as “Turkish pizza’ due to it being a flat pastry topped with loads of cheese, meats and vegetables heated up in the oven. The shape of Pide is a bit like a long boat rather than a circular one and the toppings that adorn it can be whatever you wish, making it quite the versatile, and delicious, dish. 

Turkish Coffee

This particularly brewed coffee is done so in a slow manner over very low heat. It’s a strong, thick coffee with a delectable aroma that is sure to give you quite a kick. This drink is something that you definitely need to try on your visit as it’s an essential part of the Turkish lifestyle.

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