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First Time Travellers – 4 Helpful Pieces of Advice

It’s become increasingly common for people to travel around the world in modern times, many just by themselves even. If you’re one of those first time travellers or even if you already got a few trips under your belt, here are a few pieces of advice to help you out.

Make Sure to Get Travel Insurance

This one is quite important, while it may seem like something obvious, a lot of people tend to forget about travel insurance when they find themselves caught up in the chaos of preparing for their trip. Some folks may even think that things like lost luggage or cancelled flights won’t ever happen to them. 

While I can’t say it will with any certainty, you can’t say it won’t in the same regard. Better safe than sorry a the saying goes, so heed our advice and book up some travel insurance for all you first time travellers out there.

Guard Your Pockets

Pickpocketing is quite a common occurrence in popular tourist hotspots, what may seem to be an innocent ask for help or simple flyer handout could, in actuality, be a quick distraction to get you to lower your guard and at that moment swipe your valuables. 

Make sure to be attentive, especially if someone approaches you out of the blue, it may be nothing, or it may be an attempt at distracting you, you can’t really tell in advance, so it pays to be alert at all times, especially for first time travellers.

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Carry Only Essential Electronics

It can be quite tempting for you to want to have all your various electronic gadgets with you when you go abroad, but when it comes to electronics, less is more. You don’t need your large digital camera on every outing, and who are you kidding, you won’t be working from your laptop in your spare time.

If necessary, your phone can take high-quality photos and send emails.

Carrying bulky electronics not only slows you down but also makes you an easy target for those looking to steal them. Keep your electronics, with the exception of your phone, locked up in your hotel room’s valuables safe or, better yet, don’t bring any on your trip at all.

Be Informed About Your Country’s Embassy

For first time travellers, their lack of experience will make it hard to know what to expect, especially when it comes to problematic situations. If you ever find yourself in times like these, your country’s embassy can be quite helpful in resolving a variety of issues. So, make sure you’re aware of the embassy’s location and contact information, wherever your destination might be.

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