Malta – Top Things to Do in this Stunning Archipelago

Malta, with its mysterious underwater caves, dazzling temples, and medieval architecture, has an almost ethereal quality to it. Churches, museums, markets, some of the oldest structures in the world can be found on the streets of this lovely island. Situated in the Mediterranean Sea, close to both Sicily and Africa, Malta consists of three main islands, Malta proper, Comino and Gozo, all three full of fantastical wonders waiting for you to discover.

Visiting the old capital of Mdina 

Mdina, Malta’s ancient capital, is located on a picturesque hill in the island’s centre. It is well-known for being surrounded by powerful fortifications, and as such, it is not to be missed by history buffs. There are numerous activities for you to enjoy here, including strolling through the scenic streets or maybe paying a visit to one of its many museums. The town is also famous for its charming cafes and eateries, which are ideal for passing the time.

Tour Casa Rocca Piccola

Casa Rocca Piccola, built in the 1680s, is a lovely home that would have been used by Maltese aristocrats in the past. Nowadays, it has been converted into a museum that allows you to admire and appreciate a multitude of beautiful architectural features as well as an extensive historical collection which includes 18th and 19th century costumes, as well as art, antiques, and silver pieces. There are also photographs and documents related to the families who would have lived in the mansion, giving you an up-close look at aristocratic life in the United Kingdom.

Explore Fort St. Elmo

Malta’s history is littered with tales of the Knights of St. John, a military organization that fought during the Ottoman Empire’s Turkish reign. There you can gaze upon Fort St. Elmo which was built in a star formation and looks over Valletta’s harbour. Guided tours will take you and your companions all over the fort while informing you about its rich history. 

Explore the Ggantija Temples

The ‘Gigantic’ Ggantija Temples are located on the idyllic island of Gozo. These amazing structures predate the Pyramids of Egypt and consist of two temples, each surrounded by a fortification wall. Prepared to be wowed by the enormous size of these temples, structures so large that it’s a wonder to how they were built in the first place in ancient times, especially since they date to before the invention of the wheel. 

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