bungee jumping

bungee jumping

Bungee Jumping – 4 of the Best Spots in the World

If you’re looking for a rush of a truly sublime rush of adrenaline in your life, then there’s no better activity out there than bungee jumping. To onlookers, it’s quite a short-lived experience, but for the person in the driver’s seat, that rush of adrenaline is definitely gonna be something unlike anything else you’ve experienced in your life, well, unless you’ve already gone bungee jumping before that is.  

However, simply jumping off a high point doesn’t isn’t quite the full experience. Rather, the environment around you can enhance the already strong memorability of this activity even further. And so, with that said, here are some of the best places in the world for an absolutely fantastic bungee jumping experience.

Altopiano di Asiago in Vicenza, Italy 

Make sure you’ve had your meals long before you attempt this 175-metre bungee jump, otherwise that memorability factor might just be enhanced in a more unpleasant way. If you’re a lover of the thrill of adventure, which I’m sure you are seeing as you’re reading this article, then, during your holiday in Italy, make sure to stop by Altopiano di Asiago.  This is one of the best spots in the world, a true adventure taken atop the highest point in all of Italy.

bungee jumping
Niouc Bridge in Switzerland 

This suspension bridge is sure to give you quite an adventure as you free fall in the most exhilarating fashion surrounded by some lovely mountainous scenery. A perfect way to warm yourself up on a cold winter’s day. It’s a 190-metre drop, so definitely expect a grand thrill. 

Kawarau Bridge in New Zealand 

In 1986, a man took a leap of Faith at this very spot, a leap with only a rubber cord to catch him, that man was AJ Hackett, the person who popularized the activity of bungee jumping. His stunt led to the formation of the first commercial bungee jumping place in the world and till today remains one of the best spots for it. The view from the bridge is beautiful and coupled with its history, gives the whole place a romantic vibe. Also, at 43 metres, it’s a great spot if you’re taking your first plunge into this activity.

bungee jumping
Kaivopuisto in Helsinki, Finland 

Located in one of the country’s oldest parks, this beautiful locale will offer you, both a heart-racing adventure and some stunning views. This 150-metre plunge is sure to get your adrenaline going. If you’re interested to try out some other dating escapades, free-fall jumping onto ocean platforms is also available here. 

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