Bali – Best Places to Visit in this Exotic Land

Bali is an absolutely remarkable work of nature, a true marvel even among the many exotic islands strewn throughout Indonesia. Visiting Bali is sure to strike a chord with your sense of wonder and beauty as you take in the sights and refreshing tropical air. While the main tourist areas may be a bit chaotic and reminiscent of regular urban life, make no mistake, Bali is bountiful in natural beauty.  

There are attractions for all kinds of tourists, from volcanic peaks to beautiful beaches to vibrant stretches of greenery to majestic waterfalls, there’s a ton to experience on this amazing island. All this isn’t to say that the urban side of things doesn’t have its draws, Bali’s shopping centres and resorts and spas are an equally great way to kick back and relax on your vacation. 

With so much to see and never enough time, we highlighted some of the best pales to visit on this stunning island.

Mount Batur 

As the sun’s first light breaks the clouds, hundreds of tourists make their through a 1,700-metre climb to reach the summit of Mount Batur and watch the spectacular view of the sunrise amongst the misty mountains and grand caldera below. This event has long been one of the most popular things to do in Bali. 

It’s not a particularly challenging hike, so no matter your skill level, you’ll be able to have an enjoyable time. It’s a 2 to 3 hour journey with a nice little picnic included in that. At the top, you’ll be greeted by an incredible view that stretches all the way across the Batur caldera, surrounding mountains and the serene lake Batur.

Bali - Mount Batur
Seminyak Shopping 

Bali is quite famous for its resplendent designers and fabulous shopping options, and there’s no better places to witness this than the bustling streets of Seminyak. Top-of-the-line fashion, stylish swimwear, exquisite jewellery and more are what you’ll find as you roam about these hectic streets, searching for the best shops and stalls you can find.

Some of the popular options for boutiques are Bias and Magali Pascal, Kody & Ko for some unique art and homewares and Sea Gypsy for jewellery. The main shopping malls in the area are Seminyak Square and Seminyak Village though if you want better deals, check out the Seminyak Fela Markets, you’ll find a bunch of stalls crammed with all sorts of fun goodies. Seminyak is also quite well known for its restaurants and art galleries, a few more destinations that you can add to your growing itinerary. 

Pura Ulun Danu Bratan 

Head to the western shore of Lake Bratan and there in the distance, waiting upon a small island, lies the Pura Ulun Danu Bratan, a strikingly beautiful piece of construction. This temple was built in the name of Dewi Danu, a goddess of the seas, and Lake Bratan in the area is the main source of irrigation and drinking water in Bali. 

If you want to stroll through this sacred temple complex in tranquillity, the early morning is the best time to do so, before the tourist buses arrive bringing with them the crowds. The misty air and soft morning light work to give the whole place an ethereal vibe.

A little ways from the temple is the Bali Botanic Garden, an almost magical expanse filled with all manner of fauna from tall, sturdy bamboo forests to vibrant orchids to beautiful begonias and a host of medicinal plants. Also hidden within this green wonderland is the Bali Treetop Adventure Park, a great place for families with fun directions like Tarzan swings, ziplines and suspension bridges.

Bali - Temple
Waterbom Bali

This family-friendly spot is located in the heart of Kuta and comes with the promise of fun for everyone. Drifting down the lazy river, splashing about in massive pools, rushing down the numerous slides each with its own unique twisty design, there’s an exhaustingly exciting time awaiting you in this water wonderland. Though, if all that thrill is a bit too much, there are restaurants and spas plenty for more relaxing enjoyment. Waterbom Bali is the perfect solution for a hot summer’s day. 

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