first-time travellers

first-time travellers

First Time Travellers – The Best Destinations You Can Visit

Travelling the world is something everyone would experience at least once in their lives. The exuberance of visiting a brand new place, the thrill of experiencing a brand new culture and the delight in having your world open up. If you haven’t experienced that joy yet, well, it’s never too late to do so and to help you with taking that first step, here are some of the best destinations for first-time travellers.


Italy is one of the most visited countries in the world and for good reason. From ruins of the mighty Roman empire to the gorgeous view in Amalfi Coast to the surreal picturesque sights of cities like Venice, Italy’s stunning natural landscapes and wealth of historical monuments provide a true bounty of sights that will leave you in awe of their wonder. It also has a very robust tourism scene which makes it an easy pick for first-time travellers.

first-time travellers

Thailand is a popular hub for travellers from around the world making it a great place to get to know other intrepid explorers like yourself. With its beautiful beaches, temples, food and pretty cheap pricing, it’s a wonderful place to experience the joy of the journey for a first-time traveller. It also has the benefit of most locals being able to speak English which will definitely make it easier for you to find your way around.

New Zealand 

New Zealand is a fantastic place for any traveller as it offers pretty much anything you’d want on a foreign adventure while being easy to navigate and get around. There’s a multitude of things to do in New Zealand from hiking in gorgeous locations to a decadent wine tasting at a local cellar to visiting the sets of the Lord of the Rings films, there are also some amazing locations for stargazing, places where you can go skydiving and, of course, numerous excellent restaurants, especially of the seafood variety. Even better is the fact that all these amazing activities and places are in a relativity compact area, which, when coupled with robust and affordable public transportation, makes it easy to do so much in a single day.

first-time travellers

Spain is one of the cheaper options when it comes to European countries and with its glistening beaches, majestic mountains, awe-inspiring castles, ancient monuments and massively impressive cities, not to mention all the delicious cuisine, abundant in variety from all of Spain’s various regions. There’s a ton for you to see and do as a first-time traveller.

Also, for all you art lovers out there, Madrid hosts some of the finest collections in the world, a true treat for the eyes of anyone. Spain’s public transportation is quite easy to grasp and travelling between cities is a cinch so you can get a lot out of this trip. 

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