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5 Must-See Cultural Attractions in Spain

Spain is a beautiful country with so many extravagant locales for you to visit that even a hundred trips might not be enough. To help a bit with that though, here are some must-see cultural attractions Spain has to offer.

Sagrada Familia in Baracelona 

This UNESCO World Heritage Site is one of the most famous cultural attractions in Barcelona even though the structure remains incomplete due to the death of its architect in 1926.

Once you set your eyes upon this magnificent work of art, you’ll be greeted with an incredible display that melds together Gothic and contemporary architecture in a unique fashion. It’s a fairly striking view, one that’s quite distinct from what you might generally imagine a church to look like.

The interior of the church is sure to wow as well with its Latin Cross structured floor plan made up of five aisles and columns crafted to imitate the look of trees and branches.

There’s also a museum and shop within so you can dig into the history of the lands a bit more while also securing a few souvenirs of the journey. 

Segovia Roman Aqueduct

Acting as a symbol of the influence Rome held within Spain, this brilliant construction is believed to have come into being around the first century. It’s an essential piece within the history of Segovia and is featured on the city’s coat of arms. 

The city takes a lot of care to continually preserve the structure and you would be remiss to let all that effort go to waste by not paying this amazing architectural construct a visit.

must see cultural attractions (1)
The Royal Monastery in San Lorenzo de Escorial

Commissioned by King Philip II to celebrate the victory of the battle of San Quentin over France, this grand monastery was built over a span of 20 years and was used as the burial ground for all Spanish monarchs, a tradition that is still in effect today.

The majestic San Lorenzo Monastery is a sight that can only be truly appreciated in person. The town of San Lorenzo is about 50km from Madrid so a quick trip by train or car is all you need to bask in the shadow of this grand building. 

The Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao

This incredible architectural feat is the work of world-renowned architect Frank Gehry and first opened its doors in 1997. Today, the building stands as a showcase of a multitude of prominent modern works of art though the greatest work of art you can find at the museum is the museum itself. 

The highlight of this marvellous place is the curved titanium-clad building where the museum is located. It’s quite a uniquely crafted building that is sure to draw in your gaze as it has done for countless others. 

must see cultural attractions (1)
The Historic City of Toledo

The second UNESCO World Heritage Site on this list is the historically rich and vibrantly beautiful city of Toledo which is the capital of the Castille La Mancha region and is situated 70km south of Madrid. The city earned its World Heritage status in 1986 and is a must-see for any traveller curious about the great history and cultural brilliance of Spain. 

Toledo is enclosed by the meandering Tajo River and the whole thing is quite a sight to behold. This is doubly true during the night when the lights of the city light up the darkness of the sky and dance across the waters’ surface. From up close or from a distance, you’ll be treated to a wonderful, picturesque view. 

There’s a lot to see within the city such as the great defences wall, the El Greco Museum, the San Martin Bridge and much more. 

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