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The Best Wildlife Experiences in Seychelles

Beautiful white-sand beaches, luxurious lagoons, pristine waters, Seychelles is filled to the brim with marvellous landscapes, however, that’s not all there is to appreciate at the islands. Within these lands lies some of the most fascinating and unique wildlife you can find in the world, from the variety of species of birds in the sky to the diverse underwater ecosystem formed around the coral reefs. 

It’s an incredible experience just waiting to be had and here are some of the greatest wildlife encounters you can have in Seychelles.

Giant tortoises at Curieuse Island

Towards the northwest of Praslin island, you’ll find Curieuse which is a protected marine park and bio-reserve. There’s a great number of interesting plants and animals that call this island their home but the highlight of this paradise is, undoubtedly, the Aldabra giant tortoise. 

These creatures are quite the inquisitive fellows, generally ready to interact with people and bask in the attention given. They stand up tall and outstretch their necks to grab your attention, and their manoeuvres are quite successful in their objectives. 

These tortoises can be found anywhere around the island though a small number are kept at the Ranger’s station in an effort to preserve the species. The giant tortoise is an elusive species in the world at large so having the opportunity to interact with and even touch them will definitely be a unique experience in anyone’s life.

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Snorkelling with the turtles

Snorkelling is simply a must-do activity for any visitor to these gorgeous islands. The abundance of riches hidden beneath these blue waves is astonishing to behold with its massive shoals of vibrant fish and eclectic coral, clearly visible within the crystal blue waters. 

Certain areas also have a special surprise, a swim with the local turtles. You can find Hawksbill and green turtles in these waters and they are magnificent to behold. Watching these creatures in their natural habitat is truly a captivating sight, a sight which you too can be a part of if you so wish.  

These creatures are particularly plentiful at certain locales which include Anse Lazio, Grand Soeur island and Bird island though they can be found throughout the majority of Seychelles waters.


Seychelles is a haven for birdwatchers all around the world. The biodiversity of birds on some islands is so incredible that it functions as the sole reason many people visit Seychelles. 

The islands most famous for their bird population are Aride and, the very aptly named, Bird. These are the two you really need to check out if you’re an avid birdwatcher or just a fan of feathery animals though most of the islands can provide an awesome experience in this regard. Many of these birds are exclusive to Seychelles making them highly worth the trip to admire.

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Fauna Within Vallée de Mai

This UNESCO World Heritage Site, located on Praslin island, is home to hundreds of coco de mer trees, one of only two places in the world where they exist and also the largest population of them. 

Just seeing these grand trees up close is sure to delight you but these leafy giants also hold a number of curious critters within their branches. You might be intrigued by the famous Seychelle black parrot or fascinated by bronze-eyed gecko. These are but two of the many captivating creatures that you can discover at Vallée de Mai.

Diving at Praslin Island 

If you prefer more depth to your underwater adventures then why not visit the octopus Dive School at Cote d’Or on Praslin island. It’s the perfect spot for both experienced divers and those who’ve never even snorkelled before. 

 The guides at the school take you down to the seas floor for a truly enchanting marine life experience. From massive schools of fish to enormous rays and sharks, the natural life teeming at the ocean floor is a glorious wonder for all to witness and will very well cause you to develop a newfound appreciation for aquatic life when all is said and done. 

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