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7 Tips for Snorkelling in the Maldives

The activity of snorkelling is practically synonymous with the Maldives. It’s pretty much a mainstay for every tourist’s to-do list. If your vacation plans involve a trip to the Maldives, then we highly recommend checking snorkelling off that list.

If you’re hesitant to do so because of a lack of experience, don’t fret. The Maldives are quite beginner-friendly for snorkelling. Though if you need a little extra help, here’s a couple of tips to help you out.

Pick the Best Season 

The beauty of the Maldives is evergreen, no matter the time of the year, you’ll always be able to gaze upon its gorgeous locales. For snorkelling specifically though, while still a great activity for any season, the best months to partake in it are January through April. It is during these months where the weather is generally at its best and the waters as clear as crystal. These factors being at their most optimum is the best way to really make the most out of your snorkelling experience. 

Keep to Quality

You can’t exactly just dive into the water and be on your merry way when it comes to snorkelling, you’ll need proper equipment if you want to ensure a safe time. 

Fortunately, most hotels offer snorkelling packages that will provide you with the right equipment and instruct you on the proper procedures to enjoy the activity safely. However, in the scenario, this is not available or you wish to head out on your own. Make sure that the equipment you purchase is of a high-quality standard. It might be tempting to save a few bucks but if anything goes wrong those few bucks could come back triple the amount in other ways.

Don’t Go Out on Your Own 

Even if you’re partaking of a snorkelling package, going out just by yourself isn’t the best idea. Experienced or not, it’s better to be safe than sorry. And, with that in mind, hire a trained guide to supervise you and offer guidance during your time snorkelling. 

When in the Water, Keep Your Hands to Yourself

There’s plenty of fish in the sea, some dangerous and hidden, some easily visible and dangerous and some perfectly harmless. Actually, most of what you encounter in the Maldives will be that last one, so there’s no need to fret about it.

However, as we illustrated in the last point, better safe than sorry. Keep your hands to yourself, don’t touch any fish, coral or even rocks unless explicitly given the ‘ok’ by your guide. Unless you got a PhD in marine biology, it’s best to listen to the locales about the local life. 

Keep Calm 

Don’t panic, snorkelling can seem intimidating if you’ve never done it before but panicking once you hit the water will only make things worse for you. 

Just keep calm, stay relaxed and be attentive to your guide’s advice. It’s simple enough to heed to and will allow you to appreciate the event all the more. 

Visibility is Key

Picking the right season for maximum visibility is step one, step 2 is finding the spot where that phrase rings the truest. Consulting the locals, your guide included,  is the quickest way to find out the best spots so don’t be shy and interact with folks around you. Who knows, you may also make some new friends. 

Sunscreen, Never leave the Home Without it 

The water, as cool as it is, ain’t gonna protect you from the harsh sun beating down on it. That’s where your sunscreen is supposed to come in so make sure to utilize a generous helping before heading out to the waters.

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