underwater waterfall

The Majesty of Mauritius’ Underwater Waterfall

A waterfall is a magnificent feat crafted by mother nature. Massive torrents plunging from great heights in an incredibly wondrous fashion that is sure to leave all those who witness it in awe.

So, how do you take something already so marvellous and manage to astound people even more? Well, you put it underwater of course, which is exactly what nature did when she was crafting this particular attraction in Mauritius. It’s a truly beautiful sight, one that invokes a fantastical illustration, reminiscent of the spectacles within dreams.

The magnificence of this achievement of nature is not quite appreciable from the island shore’s but rather from the skies above it. It’s a spectacular visual, a deep waterfall flowing underneath the water. Of course, things aren’t quite what they seem but even so, the truth of the illusion is a fascinating matter in itself.

underwater waterfall

The seemingly steep drop-off isn’t actually steep at all but on level with the rest of the surrounding area. The reason behind the illusion is twofold. First up is the colour of the water which is a bit different at the surface and ground level thus creating an image of artificial depth. The second is the “flowing water” of this waterfall which s actually sand and silt on the ocean floor than run-off in a particular way so as to look like they’re pouring downwards. 

It’s a peculiar vision both for its deceptive spectacle and intriguing truth. One of the many wonderful sights that you can find in Mauritius. The island is a fantastic vacation destination and is currently open to tourists looking to take in its stunning beauty. 

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