Zanzibar – Top Places to Visit on This Beautiful Archipelago

Zanzibar, a beautiful archipelago in the Indian Ocean with a name that just exudes a sense of exotic wonder. The islands of Zanzibar are adorned with elegant Omani architecture, a lively community and beaches composed of the finest sands. It’s an amazing place to visit and if you do, make sure to stop by these places. 


When visiting an island, there’s always one place you definitely need to check out, its beaches, and Zanzibar is no different.  With sands as fine as powder, Nungwi, towards the northwest of Zanzibar, is the most ideal place to tick off some fun beach time from your vacation to-do list. 

There’s a number of resorts and lodges for you to book for the night including ones which feature cottages and restaurants by the sea. Despite, the beachy beauty that lies there, there’s never a massive swarm of tourists crowding things and locals frequent the area more, giving you a chance for some fun and possibly insightful conversations. There’s a variety of activities to partake in at Nungwi besides simply relaxing on the sands. From water sports to sundown cruises and even fishing, there’s plenty to do at this wonderful place. 

Jozani Forest

This luscious spread of nature belongs to the Jozani Chwaka Bay National Park and is famous for its biodiversity which includes the rare red colobus monkey. This distinctly coloured simian is related to a species on mainland Africa but thousands of years apart have given rise to unique traits not found in its sibling species. There are numerous nature trails where beams of sunlight pierce through along with a boardwalk that descends into the mangrove swamps.

Palace Museum 

The Palace Museum is a stunning creation, one adorned with coral stones, silver fitting and marble pathways. It was originally created as a residence in classic Omani style and was made into a museum in the 1990s. Within these lavish halls lies a wealth of intriguing artefacts which include furniture, clothing and sheets of writing. 

House of Wonders

The House of Wonders, known as Beit al-Ajaib, is a part of a UNESCO World Heritage site and is known to be quite fragile, even partially collapsing in December 2020 which prompted the government to pledge millions of dollars towards repairs. 

First built back in 1883, it was, at the time, the largest house in East Africa and also the first to have electricity and a lift which is what gave it its title as the “House of Wonders”. Despite the current crumbling situation, it is at the top of Stone Town’s list of sights to see and includes clothing, fishing equipment and a Swahili dhow vessel.

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