egyptian cuisine (1)

egyptian cuisine (1)

Egyptian Cuisine – Recommended Dishes

Egypt is a land that has been thoroughly shaped by the legacy of its ancient civilizations and its culinary culture is no different. The food originating within Egypt is centred around legumes and vegetables, seasoned with a variety of herbs and spices. Meat is something that has historically been harder to come by due to its price though recent times have given way to greater use of it in Egyptian cuisine. 

Bread is also a central aspect of Egyptian cuisine. Nearly every meal in the country comes with a side of bread and the product is subsidized by the government. 

There are a great many culinary creations for you to try out when visiting Egypt and since you’ll undoubtedly be spoilt for choice when you arrive, here’s a couple of recommendations from our side to save you some trouble. 


This mix of rice, lentil, spiced tomato sauce and macaroni is considered by many to be the country’s national dish. This unique dish is one born through the intersection of multiple cultures, created through the encounters experienced by Egyptian soldiers while they toured through India and Europe. 

Traditionally seasoned with Egyptian herbs and species, garnished with chickpeas and crispy onions and finally topped off with a sprinkle of garlic juice and hot sauce. This delectable delicacy is sure to set your mouth alight with a vibrant cacophony of flavours. 


This traditional Nubian dish is comprised of layers of fried rice and bread which are then topped with tomato sauce, vinegar and meat broth that is usually made from sheep or cow brains. It’s a richly delicious offering that is generally reserved for special occasions and festivals. 

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Ta’meya is one of the most popular vegetarian dishes in Egypt and a must-try if you love street food. The dish is made using fava beans that are crushed, rolled into balls and fried in oil, herbs and spices. In a similar fashion to falafel, the vegetable patty is served on a thin flatbread and garnished with salad, crispy onions and a helping go hot sauce. You usually eat this dish rolled up in the bread like a wrap. 


Originating from the middle east, this delightful delicacy has established itself as one of the most popular desserts in Egypt. This sweetly rich cake is constructed from semolina or farina soaked in syrup and then pressed into a mould, after which it is baked. The syrup is flavoured with either rose or flower water and dried coconut. The final result is served with walnuts cream and syrup. 

Basbousa is the perfect way to end a filling meal, a pleasant deep sweetness to encapsulate your mouth and serve as the perfect follow through to any savoury course. 

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