Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka – 3 Amazing Destinations You Need to Visit

You’ll find Sri Lanka to be an absolutely fantastic holiday destination with a diverse assortment of attractions. This island, off the coast of India, offers visitors a diverse range of habitats and tourist attractions to explore and experience. When planning a trip to Sri Lanka, here are some amazing places that you should definitely keep in mind.

Sri Lanka - Colombo

The country’s vibrant indigenous and colonial heritage are mixed together in this capital city. The country has been a colony of Portugal, the Netherlands, and the British, the cultures of all of which mingle together to make a wonderful hybrid. These influences may be tasted in the food, seen in the architecture and arts, and felt in the atmosphere of Colombo.

There are also museums and other activities in the city that might help you connect with Sri Lankan culture. Colombo is located on the coast, and in the centre of the city, a big green space and beach area separates an area known as Fort from the Indian Ocean. It’s both a public playground and a pretty fun place to visit, particularly on Friday nights. 


One of the country’s first modern superhighways connects Colombo to Galle, which is about a two-hour drive away. Galle Fort is a walled town that has been restored and is now home to boutique hotels, shops, and restaurants. The entire region has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

The entire Fort area is car-free, making it a terrific destination to explore on foot. It’s hard to lose your way because the sea surrounds you on three sides. The city is encompassed by beautiful beaches both in and around the fort. The sweeping sandy beach leads to lovely, azure waters. There’s even a beach beneath Galle’s famous lighthouse.

Yala National Park
Sri Lanka - Yala National Park

This national park, located on the island’s southeast coast, is famed for its leopard safaris. Leopards are extremely rare, yet the park has a significant population, and they can be seen even on a day trip.

A huge number of Asian elephants, which are native to Sri Lanka, also live in the park. Apart from the animals, the park contains some amazing and diverse landscapes and ecosystems. You can follow leopards across wide grasslands, explore tropical jungles, or visit the sea and beaches.

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