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Bosnia is quite a beautiful place with a lot to offer. We’ve already taken a look at a few of Bosnia’s wonderful destinations, so let’s continue that journey. 

Una National Park 

The Una National Park, which is surrounded by stunning swathes of woodland, is one of Bosnia’s newest outdoor treasures. It’s situated in the rugged hills that flow down from the Dinaric Alps on the Croatian border, protecting vast sections of riparian woodland and the Una and Unac Rivers’ channels. The beautiful waterfalls at Martin Brod, as well as noteworthy sights like the lofty Ostrovica Fortress and the reconstructed Rmanj Monastery, with its reinvention of the Serbian Orthodox style, await you.


Tuzla may not appear to be the finest place to while away your vacation days at first glance, and its location in the country’s industrial heartland may not appear all that appealing at first glance, yet this colourful and confident town is actually a terrific place to feel the pulse of a genuine Bosnia. With the start of the Mesa Selimovic event in July, visitors can explore a clean and well-kept old town complete with soaring minarets and stone-clad squares, sunbathe on the edge of curious salt lakes and attend the country’s most prestigious literary festival.


Bihac, an appealing tiny hamlet nestled between the ridges of the verdant Una Valley and the craggy hills of the Bosanska Krajina, is veiled in flowering coniferous shades of green. A square-cut medievalist fortress and its associated church tower stand in the town’s centre, while a succession of pop-up islands surrounded by the turquoise-green channels of the Una makes for some genuinely wonderful urban park strolling, a great way to slow down, relax and take in the town’s atmosphere. There’s also a lovely town square for you to explore, replete with trickling fountain installations and an intriguing arabesque Ottoman mausoleum.

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