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As the Summer months roll around, the rising temperatures bear down on us all with an unbearable consistency.  Just being out and about for our daily routines can be a taxing endeavour, now, just imagine a long trip in such heat, you’re probably already melting from just the thought.  

Now, depending on the country, the heat might not be so bad but you can never know how things will turn out, nature is a fickle mistress after all. So, whether, you’re headed for a country known for its blistering heat or one where things are generally on the chill side, we’re here to advise you on the best measures to deal with a heatwave.

The Basic Steps 

Sometimes the fundamentals are all you need. Try to plan your outings around the morning and evening parts of the day, when the sun doesn’t hit as hard. Wearing light-coloured clothing is also quite helpful in keeping cool and, of course, make sure to wear some sunscreen, the high temperature isn’t the only thing you need to be cautious of.

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Rehydrate Regularly 

High heat means a lot of sweat and that means that a lot of water lost. Generally, it is always best to drink water whenever you feel thirsty as that’s the body’s natural indicator. However, being exposed to new environments, especially ones with a higher temperature than you’re used to, can cause your body to misread the situation and thus not appropriately signal you when it’s low on hydration. 

As such, when visiting new places with high heat levels, keep an aggressive schedule of rehydration, drink water at regular periods, even if you don’t feel thirsty.

Plan Your Breaks Well in Advance

Try not to wing things when taking a trip. It’s important to plan ahead all the places you wish to visit and ensure that either the destination itself has cooling areas or they are free spaces, like malls or shopping centres, nearby. By doing this in advance, you won’t be blindsided if an emergency situation ever arises. 

Also, it’s important to keep a good pace when visiting a lot of places, if you or your companions ever feel a bit tired or uneasy, don’t push yourself, make sure you rest or the issue could snowball into something much worse.

extreme heat

With these few tips and by keeping a cool head, you’ll ensure that your vacation plans sail smoothly all the way. 

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