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Delft is a lovely Dutch city located on the River Schie between Rotterdam and The Hague. Its charming Old Town is surrounded by canals and features an enchanting market square, numerous churches, and a handful of well-preserved medieval-era homes.

The city is now a thriving cultural and tourist destination, home to some of the country’s top museums, a plethora of entertainment options, and many other enjoyable activities, such as strolling around the various stalls at the famed Saturday Flea Market. 

If you’re going on a trip to Delft, make sure to put these locations on your travel itinerary. 

Nieuwe Kerk

Nieuwe Kerk, which stands tall in Delft’s wide Market Square, is anything but new. The Gothic tower of this magnificent church rises a tad over 108 meters above the wide square, providing some spectacular views. You’re in for some pleasant tunes if you happen to catch the beautiful chimes from the church’s 17th-century carillon playing out across the square.

The beautiful monument of William I of Orange, one of the great masterpieces of Dutch Baroque sculpture, is the church’s most noteworthy feature.

A white statue of William is flanked by bronze allegorical characters including Justice, Freedom, Valor and Faith under a white canopy held on black marble columns. 41 princes and princesses of the House of Orange are buried in a vault beneath the tomb.

Prince’s Court

Prinsenhof is a charming set of houses established around 1400 as the nunnery of St. Agatha and today is one of Delft’s most attractive corners. It was the palace of the Princes of Orange until the seat of government was moved to The Hague in the 16th century after it was secularized following the Reformation. A statue of William the Silent stands in the courtyard’s middle. The property’s beautiful garden is a great place to rest your feet and admire the view.

The Lambert van Meerten Museum

The Lambert van Meerten Museum is a must-see tourist destination in Delft, having reopened in 2019 following a massive refurbishment. It houses a significant collection of applied art, as well as antique furniture, paintings, and a large collection of Delftware.

The museum, which opened in 1909 and is housed in the old home of Lambert van Meerten, the city’s most well-known collector of antiquities and art, also has excellent collections of Chinese porcelain and Dutch tiles. After that, take a walk over to the Dyke Office. It was built in the early 15th century and is known for its beautiful stone gable that is adorned with numerous coats of arms.

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