Spanish Cuisine

Spanish Cuisine

Spanish Cuisine – More Recommended Culinary Delights

Having but scratched the surface of the wonderful world of Spanish cuisine before, it’s time to go back and see what other amazing and authentic delicacies you should try when on a journey through Spain.


Bocadillo is a classic Spanish sandwich made with baguette-like bread. You can find these popular sandwiches in taverns, tapas bars, cafeterias, and restaurants all over Spain, and of course, in Spanish homes as well.

This popular Spanish snack comes in a variety of forms. Traditional Spanish food includes a variety of bocadillos with omelette bocadillos, vegetarian bocadillos, cold meat bocadillos, fish bocadillos, egg bocadillos, cheese bocadillos, and sweet bocadillos being the most popular types.

These Spanish snacks are without a doubt some of the most popular Spanish cuisines.

Spanish Cuisine
Rabo de Toro

When it comes to Spanish delicacies and cuisine, ‘Rabo de toro’ holds a special place in that traditional pantheon. The stew of a bull’s tail is a classic Spanish dish. This authentic Spanish dish was originally from Cordoba, however, today the bull’s tail is one of the most popular dishes in Spain, and it is commonly prepared in many Spanish households.

This delicious Spanish cuisine is made by slowly cooking oxtail with garlic, red wine and thyme at a low temperature. Originally a working-class meal in Spain, Rabo de toro has evolved into a leading gastronomic delicacy and one of the best meals you can have in the country.

To summarize, Rabo de toro is one of the most famous dishes in Spanish cuisine that you must try during your visit to the country.

Pulpo a La Gallega

This dish, which originates from the Galicia region, is a Spanish seafood delicacy made from boiling octopus and then soaking it in a mixture of paprika, olive oil and salt. This traditional Spanish tapa is generally served on a wooden platter and once you taste you will surely find yourself salivating for more.

Spanish Cuisine

 Like the previous dish on this list, Empanadas also originate from the Galicia region in the northwest of Spain and are a fried or baked pastry that can be packed with a wide variety of different fillings. The fillings can also go in either direction, sweet or savoury, so you can have them for your main course and dessert. 

Savoury empanadas are usually stuffed with cheese, meat, vegetables or fish while sweet ones are generally filled with plums, apples or other kinds of fruits. Pick either one as both are quite popular and quite delicious. 

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