flying stress

flying stress

Tips to Keep Your Flying Experience Stress Free

Travelling to new places is a wonderful experience, one that fills you with anticipation of the adventures to come, however, the in-between isn’t necessarily the most pleasant experience especially when it comes to flying. 

Flights are the fastest way to reach your destination but they can also be a hassle to get through. They are often a necessity though and thus it’s best for you to do all that you need to make your travel as smooth as possible. 

Go to the Left

People have a natural instinct to turn right when given the options to go either direction and this often leads to the right-side check-in lines being more crowded than the left. No one likes waiting in a queue and I doubt you’re any different. Aim for the leftmost lanes and you’ll be able to shorten your wait times when it comes to check-ins. 

flying stress
Watch your Time

Jet lag can be quite a pain to deal with. The less you can experience it, the better. So, to that end, a great way to deal with the issue is by wearing a watch. Well, it’s a bit more complicated than that of course, the way to minimize your jet lag from flying is by tricking your body to adjust to your destination’s time zone. 

This can be achieved by setting your watch to your destination’s time zone about 2 days before your departure. If you already have a habit of regularly checking your watch then by doing this, you’ll be able to reset your circadian rhythm as your mind will have become accustomed to the local time ahead of your arrival. 

Carry Disinfecting Wipes

While aircrafts regularly disinfect their cabin after each flight, as the saying goes, ‘it’s better to be safe than sorry’ and considering the events of the past year, it’s best to take that saying to heart. This is doubly so on flights with multiple stops where only a portion of the passenger are rotated in and out. 

You can never truly know how well the seat you are sitting on has been disinfected so handling the matter yourself is a great way to bring some peace of mind, something that is helpful for any journey. 

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