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Activities to Pass the Time on Long Flights

Long flights can be quite a pain. Sitting in a small seat for hours on end isn’t exactly the most riveting experience. It can be quite mind-numbing not knowing what to do and just having to pass the time staring out the window or such. 

Luckily, nowadays, there’s tons of stuff to do that will turn those long hours into minutes and here’s a couple of them, a mix of simple time pass and productive ones, to help you get started.

Listen to a Podcast 

If you want to consume some great stories or maybe learn something new, all without having to use your eyes, then a podcast is the perfect fit. There are so many podcasts out there that no matter how niche your interests are, you’ll still be spoiled for choice. 

Comedy, self-help, music shows, educational lectures, whatever you want, you can find and use it to help you pass the hours on long flights. It’s a great way to access a variety of content while resting your weary eyes.

Try Learning a New Language 

Interacting with locales is an experience that is sure to enhance anyone’s trip, your’s included. However, if you want to do it properly, you’ll need to communicate on their terms and that means getting to know the local language, even if only to a small extent. Just effectively picking up simple phrases such as saying hello, offering thanks or asking for directions can go a long way to helping you out once you reach your destination. 

Language learning apps are a dime a dozen these days and a lot of them make the process quite fun and intuitive. They provide a ‘two birds, one stone’ experience, providing you with both enjoyment and productivity. 

long flights activities
Chronicle Your Adventure

This activity is specifically one for the return trip as you can’t really chronicle something before it happens unless you’re psychic in which case, you could do this one on either trip. Moving on from the hypotheticals, jotting down your journey through foreign lands on a journal during the long flight home can be quite a cathartic endeavour. 

It’s a wonderful way to reflect on all the experiences the trip gave you as well as capture the whole adventure through written text while it’s still fresh in your mind so that you can more easily reminisce on the finer details. 

Check out a Bingeworthy Show

With in-flight entertainment and multitudes of streaming apps, there are way more tv shows at your fingertips than you’ll ever have time to watch. However, when it comes to long flights, any show won’t do, you’ll need the right tool for the situation.

By which I mean, you’ll need a show that works the best when consumed in a binge. There’s a lot of fantastic shows out there that love to take their time setting things up or really extrapolating on the details of events. Those tendencies are what makes those shows great but also antithetical to a binge session. Rather, you’d want a show that’s quick-paced and easily consumable, one that continually pushes you to hit that next episode button over and over till before you know it, you’re already at your destination. 

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