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Paragliding at Oludeniz Beach in Turkey

The view from high in the skies is one that will never not be incredible. Even just staring out at the land below from tiny aeroplane windows looks fantastic. Now, imagine that same view but unconstrained and all around you, that’s what you get when you go paragliding. There are so many amazing places around the world where you can experience this exhilarating activity and one of the most popular of them is Oludeniz Beach in Turkey.

This little town is situated towards the south of the country on the Mediterranean coast. It’s a beautiful place to see on its own especially since it houses the famous Blue Lagoon, a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Now, you may be thinking, as exciting as paragliding sounds, the idea of soaring through the air, all by your lonesome, is a terrifying thought. Well, my dear reader, there’s no need to consider such thoughts, as tandem paragliding is offered in the region. 

Now for what exactly is tandem paragliding? Well, the word “tandem” means a sequence of two things and in this case, those two things would be an experienced paragliding instructor and yourself. With this setup, anyone of any skill level is free to glide through the skies to their heart’s content as the instructor will handle all the heavy lifting.


With that explanation out of the way, let’s go back to the initial destination of Oludeniz Beach in Turkey. This particular paragliding experience will see you make your way up Mount Babaag for the flight’s setup and takeoff. The journey up the mountain can prove to be a reward in itself as it provides a wonderful view of the Blue Lagoon through the car windows. 

As we said, Oludeniz beach is a popular paragliding spot so expect to be surrounded by a whole host of people of varying ages. After a little lesson to get you up to speed, you’ll strap on the harness, pair up with an instructor and finally, run off a cliff.

Oludeniz Beach is a breathtakingly beautiful place and that goes double when you can see it from the skies. Flying free through the blue skies is an almost transcendental experience. Having that unbelievable, panoramic view of the mountains, sea and even the buildings of the town is an experience unlike any other. A testament to both the vastness of the world and the beauty of nature from a view achieved by the ingenuity of humanity.  

The sight, as awesome as it is, is not the only exciting thing in the store. With your instructor’s help, the paragliding itself can either be a steady straightforward one or a flight filled with numerous turns and spins to spice up the already wondrous adventure.

Lasting from 20 to 45 mins, this whole endeavour is something uniquely powerful that we recommend everyone to consider when you’re planning you’re vacation to Turkey. 

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