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Best Spots To Visit In Taif, The City Of Roses

Taif is known for its fragrant rose blooms that flourish in the surrounding valleys and hillsides. It is a lovely city with marvellous mountains, centuries-old marketplaces and flower gardens. With its many beautiful and historical places to visit. Taif is a popular tourist destination for both locals and people from nearby cities.

The journey to Taif is just as interesting as the destination. Travelling to the Taif Plateau will take you through a picturesque winding route, passing past mountains, fruit shops, rose fields, and deep valleys.

It is close to the Shafa Mountains, where baboons roam freely and the sun sits pretty amidst majestic peaks. Among the top tourist attractions in Taif are the Okazu Market Festival and the Crown Prince Camel Festival.

Taif’s Rose Fields 

Every year, the enchanting scent of the famed 30-petaled Damask rose permeates the air of Taif. Every year, over 900 rose farmers grow over 300 million roses. The flowers are picked to make atar, the world’s most costly rose oil. Tourists may take a guided tour of one of the city’s rose factories or shop for aromatic oils, water, perfumes, and rose-scented soaps in Taif’s Central Market.

The best time to visit Taif’s Rose Field is around late February to early March, the time frame during which the roses bloom. 

Al Hada Mountain

Al Hada is home to lively baboons, pink meadows, and pristine unobstructed spaces. The meandering road, resembling the historic zig-zag camel trail, slopes smoothly along the hillside. As the sun sets over the valley, the mountains on the horizon become grey ombre. There is a water park located at Hejazistail Al Qar, a Taif tourist destination. A fun activity to indulge in at Al Hada Mountain is to take a ride on the longest cable car in Saudi Arabia.

Al Shafa Mountain

Al Shafa is the tallest peak in the region and may be accessed through a paved road 35 kilometres southwest of Taif. Mount Dhaka Park offers breathtaking views of the nearby mountain range, which spans 10,000 square meters. There are also a few basic spas for those who to try them.

You can reach Al Shafa Mountain by hiring or renting a vehicle from Taif and the journey takes about 40 minutes. It’s a great location for family picnics and barbecues. 

Al-Wahba Crater 

The Al-Wahba Crater, located around 250 kilometres from Taif, is a volcanic crater in Saudi Arabia’s Hejazi area on the western side of the Harrat Kishb basalt plateau. There are several volcanic cones in the Harrat Kishb plateau. It is 250 meters deep and 2 kilometres in circumference. The crater’s base is coated in white sodium phosphate crystals. The crater’s sheer beauty makes it one of the most interesting places to visit in Taif.

You can reach Al-Wahba Crater by booking a cab or taking a private vehicle. The path to the crater is well laid out with paved roads so it’s a fairly smooth journey. 

Saiysad National Park 

Saiysad National Park has numerous gates, only one of which is open to visitors. The park is great for a group stroll and is one of the top Taif tourist attractions. It is also an excellent location for a family holiday. There are several leisure activities for youngsters in the park which is located between the city and Taif Airport.

Saiysad National Park is situated 13 kilometres away from Taif city and is a great place for pleasant strolls, family picnics or camping. 

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