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Top Destinations in Saudi Arabia for Art Lovers

It may surprise you to find that Saudi Arabia has an art scene of equal vibrancy to the places often regarded to be art capitals. The art culture in the country is booming with many seasoned artists that call the country home.

Rapid developments in the art scene are establishing the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as one of the world’s top art and design destinations. New, modern cinemas are now opening, as are opera houses, and other entertainment facilities.

Graffiti and public art are appearing in the capital, music festivals are becoming popular, and art and music enthusiasts are being gifted with a veritable buffet of dazzling options. If you enjoy art and design, you will undoubtedly want to witness all this firsthand.

Darat Safeya Binzagr

Darat Safeya Binzagr is a Jeddah art gallery named after the prominent Saudi artist Safeya Binzagr. She returned to her homeland, Jeddah, in 1995, after growing up in Egypt, and there built her private art gallery. Visiting this gallery allows you to witness her many artworks, some of which date back 25 years.

Her exhibition is well-known throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, owing to her unique ability to reflect Jeddah’s and the entire Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s architectural excellence in her work. Her work will teach you some of the most important written and unwritten stories about the people and culture of Saudi Arabia.

The building itself is noteworthy as well due to its creative architecture. You’ll also find similarities between its exterior and the facades of Nabatean Mada’in Saleh. Its walls are simple in the sense that they mirror the engraved wood windows and doors.

Arabian Wings Gallery

For the past 15 years, this gallery has been showcasing the proficiency of Saudi painters. It was founded by a couple, both of whom had a passion for Middle Eastern art. Since it began in 2006, the gallery has organized several art seminars and conferences, creative exchanges, and art festivals, attracting thousands of artists from the Middle East and beyond.

It has also funded several international artist exchanges, playing an important role in strengthening Arab artists’ artistic and cultural backgrounds.

Hafez Gallery

This is one of Saudi Arabia’s newest art galleries. The Hafez Gallery in Jeddah has gathered together prominent Saudi Arabian artists with the goal of presenting the Saudi story through art. Despite being only six years old, the gallery has helped to shape the country’s visual identity, particularly in the eyes of international observers.

Recent exhibitions in the gallery include Intimate Dimensions Exhibition – 39’21, Neighbours Exhibition, MNWR 5th Edition, MNWR 4th Edition, and so on. All of these aim to share art culture in local and international forums, and all funds raised are invested in cultural and educational programs.

Desert Designs

This family-owned art space in Khobar has been established for over three decades and holds heritage gifts, Bedouin art, and handcrafted furniture, among other things. It earned its name from its initial gallery, which was situated in a desert tent. 

Desert Designs is still one of the most recognizable art exhibition spaces in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East. The store sells everything from home décor to accessories. This museum also features a section dedicated to conventional artwork, sculptures, and digital art.

Al Alamia Gallery

This fine art gallery in Jeddah was founded in 1995 and is regarded as one of the kingdom’s pioneer art venues. Its focus on showcasing local works, particularly oil paintings and Islamic art, has kept it popular among local art enthusiasts. 

It is also Saudi Arabia’s leading gallery for supplying prominent fine art objects. The gallery provides painting classes for individuals of all ages and focuses on Islamic art and landscapes. Mahamood Gharbawi, Samir Trabulsi, Yasser Khattar and Abdullah Hammas are among the artists included here.

With the exponential expansion that Saudi Arabia as a whole is experiencing, you may expect to see a new entry in the worldwide art conversation quite soon.

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