spanish souvenirs - Spanish Fan

spanish souvenirs - Spanish Fan

Best Souvenirs to Get Yourself in Spain

Every great trip needs some great souvenirs to immortalize it. No matter the country, there’s always going to be some unique items that can only be found there, and so, with that in mind, here are some highlights of the souvenirs you can find in Spain.

Flamenco Dress

Flamenco dresses are long, brightly coloured dresses with numerous ruffles adorning the skirt and sleeves. They are the traditional suit used when attending Spanish ferias and romerías. These dresses are a beautiful and vibrant distillation of the liveliness of Spanish culture and thus make a fantastic souvenir to take home with you for yourself or a gift.

Spanish Fans 

These handmade items known as abanicos are a great marriage of aesthetical beauty and practicality. There are quite common to see in Spain’s larger cities as they provide a quick and cheap way to cool down on a hot summer’s day. There’s a massive variety of designs and colours to choose from so we can guarantee that you’ll find one that perfectly matches your sensibilities. 

spanish souvenirs
Blue Wine

This oddly coloured wine was thought up by Spanish company Gik Live and first launched back n 2016. The wine is made from combining red and white grapes along with a natural, plant-based blue dye. Though some may feel a bit reluctant to indulge in this, self-proclaimed, “blasphemous drink”, its unique appearance gives that distinct attribute that makes a great souvenir.


This traditional Spanish drinking vessel is a nifty little contraption that’s made in a particular shape so as to facilitate drinking without ever having your mouth come into contact with the nozzle. Its existence is owed to the need to share drinks in an easy and hygienic manner during festivals. A bota would make for a great souvenir from your trip to Spain as it provides you with both a cultural and practical purpose. 

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