travelling in 2021

Travelling in 2021 – Things You Need to Do

As we approach the 2nd half of the year with the whole world ever slowly sliding back to normalcy, more and more countries have started to open themselves up to tourists. Last year, when the pandemic was at its peak, travel was pretty much a no-go for everyone so it only makes sense that folks around the world are itching, more than ever, to do some good old fashioned travelling. However, travelling isn’t what it once was and right now, things are a bit more trickier than before.

But, it’s not impossible, you just got take some extra steps and we at Kanoo Travel are here to help you make those steps.

Be quick with your Booking

While things are currently in an unstable state, those most eager to travel have already taken the leap in booking up their prime choices. Due to everything that’s happened over the past year, prices for travel were on a decline but as more and more people start to become comfortable with the idea of travelling again and with the roll-out of the vaccine meaning more countries are opening up. It’s best to grab the early worm and book as soon as you can which we can aid you with as Kanoo Travel offers custom packages to suit your needs.

Make Sure to Know all the Details

Continuing off from the last point, there is a possibility that things could change resulting in your well-laid plans going a bit awry. Make sure you properly go through all the details on the booking site before confirming your payment to endure that all the details are exactly as you want them to be.

Have you properly researched your destination? Have you made confirmed that the region will be open at the time of your trip? If not, have you booked your travel insurance to cover cancellation costs?

These are some of the questions you need to be sure of before you finalize your bookings.

Make Sure You meet the Necessary Health Requirements for your Destination

Any travelling in current times requires the traveller to fulfil certain conditions before they are eligible to make the journey. The extent of the conditions necessary will vary from country to country, sometimes just a negative result report might be enough while other times both that and being vaccinated may be a requirement. So, It’s important to make sure you meet or can meet the desired conditions for your destination choice before you book.

Research not just the Country you intend to travel to as a whole but also specific places and services within it

While the country may be open in general, local areas or popular tourist spots may be specifically still shut down or require more stringent health requirements than the national ones.

It’s also best to research the worst-case scenario, that is you get infected on your trip. Will you be able to afford your accommodations for the whole quarantine? Will the local authorities sponsor your accommodations in light of quarantine? Will you be sent to a government facility to be quarantined?

Make sure you have all these questions answered before you disembark for foreign lands.

Be Adaptable

With how conditions are it’s important to keep your travel schedule as flexible as possible to account for any detours or mishaps. The travel process will be more annoying than it was before, waits might be longer and extra precautions will be taken at every step of the journey.

Be prepared to adapt to any changes or extra rules you encounter along the way and make sure to be extra prepared by continually keeping track of news about your destination throughout the journey, packing extra masks and sanitiser and other such actions. Also, pre-arrange any transportation necessary and don’t just take any local taxi to where you need to go.

Keep Things Simple

Don’t go overboard with your plans, try sticking to a single city or at most a single country. While normally multi-country tours sound like a blast, these days, more countries mean things will be more chaotic as you’ll have to juggle restrictions and requirements of multiple nations.

This isn’t a perfect guide but hopefully it will help guide you along with any travel plans you have for the rest of the year.

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