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Switzerland – 4 Places You Need to Visit

Switzerland is a country where the magnificence of nature is on full display. The snowy mountains, glistening lakes, olden towns and lush green meadows, this is the kind of scenery that perpetuates throughout Switzerland, a truly picturesque view, one not unlike that of a fairy tale world. 

Gorgeous sights are just the start for these wondrous places offer numerous opportunities for adventurous pursuits that you can indulge in. Hiking, climbing, biking, paragliding, skiing are just some of the activities you will find yourself being a part of in these lands.

There’s also great historic value within the regions of Switzerland, for example, its capital, Bern has a charming medieval town situated near the river and other cities such as Geneva and Zurich offer incredible cultural wealth to peruse through their many museums, galleries and historic architecture.

With so much to see, figuring out where to go on your own can be fairly overwhelming, and so, let us help out with that. Here’s a couple of highly recommended places to see on your Swiss trip. 


Starting off with the aforementioned capital, the Swiss capital of Bern radiates an olden charm and the city’s medieval old town was appointed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Within this cherished city lie cobbled streets leading to a number of fascinating wonders such as 16th-century fountains, the tallest cathedral in the country, the Zytglogge, a medieval clock tower containing moving puppets and one of the longest shopping promenades in Europe. Other highlights of Bern include its many art galleries and markets held in Bundesplatz. 

With the capital being so rich in wonders, you could possibly spend your entire vacation there alone though you might also want to consider not doing that and checking out our other recommended sights.

Switzerland attractions
The Rhine Falls

The Rhine Falls are the largest waterfalls in Central Europe, spanning a length of 150 meters. While quite a view most of the year, you’d be in for a true treat during the summer months as the heat of the season leads to melting of the mountain snow causing the waterfalls to swell in volume, gushing over a 21-meter high drop in a most glorious fashion. You can take in this majestic view from the view platforms on either side of the river or via a boat trip up the Rhine. 

Swiss National Park

Sitting right on the border with Italy and encompassing more than 170 sq kilometres, the Swiss National Park, located in Engadine Valley, is the oldest reserve in the Alps. Within its vast area, the park houses speeding rivers, hollows adorned with vibrant flowers and limestone crags. A beautiful scene awaits you no matter where you look and in the winter months, the added layers of snow produce an almost magical contrast, compounding the scenery’s beauty. 

There’s a network of trails in place for all your exploration needs as going off-trail is strictly forbidden in an effort to preserve the park’s natural ecosystems. There are more than 5000 species of wildlife for you to discover within this vast area including red deer, foxes, marmots and more. 

The Matterhorn

The Matterhorn is one of the highest peaks in the alps and an iconic landmark in Switzerland. Located on the border with Italy, this famous mountain rises to 4,478 meters and is visited by thousands of veteran climbers every summer. If you’re an experienced climber yourself, the challenge of the climb should be reason enough to come check out the Matterhorn. Skiing is also a popular activity within the region. 

For those of you who aren’t veteran climbers though, you all can still admire the grand beauty of this mountain from the delightful village of Zermatt which hosts a top-class international resort with luxurious restaurants and hotels. Motorized vehicles are banned in the village in order to preserve the air quality and instead, you’ll get the chance to be driven about on horse-drawn carriages. 

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