travelling in winter

travelling in winter

Travelling in Winter – 3 Popular Destinations

With just a few months left before 2021 closes out, now is the perfect time to plan out a grand celebration worthy of the upcoming festive season. Travelling in Winter is the perfect way to celebrate the holidays and to help you out, here are a couple of destinations that are popular during the winter season.

Chiang Mai in Thailand

The southern parts of Thailand, like Krabi and Phuket, are generally where most of the tourists gather, making them a much more expensive trip for you to take. Head north, however, and you’ll find Chiang Mai, a place where you can enjoy a more authentic and accommodating experience in Thailand. The area is also home to beautiful mountains, lush green hills and a generally tranquil atmosphere that makes it easy to relax and enjoy the bounty of nature. 

Chiang Mai is also pretty easy on the wallet, giving you some incredible value for your money. Travelling in winter to the region is pretty popular as the winter days are warm and pleasant with only mildly cold nights making the region a great destination for those wishing to escape the colder climates of their home countries. 

travelling in winter
Nagano in Japan

While the beautiful blooming of Sakura in the Spring is a sight to behold, the preceding Winter season will provide you with great opportunities for some fun snowy activities. Hakuba, a village located in the Nagano Prefecture, is known to be one of Japan’s best ski destinations. The village lies just outside of the Japanese Alps and makes for a great place to relax at and enjoy delicious local delicacies after a long, fun and exhausting day on the slopes.

Bariloche in Argentina 

January is the height of summer over in Argentina so this isn’t quite a “winter destination” but rather a great destination to escape the winter season in other places. Going from the intense cold to intense heat may not be the most inciting offer but that’s why Bariloche is on this list. Its status as a mountain resort gives it a much more pleasant climate than other places in the country. It’s the perfect destination when travelling in winter since it allows you to get away from the extremes of both seasons as well as the massive crowds of the cities 

This town sits upon the foothills of the Andes and is surrounded by lakes making it a great place for a variety of activities such as swimming, trekking, climbing and much more. Bariloche is also famous for its assortment of delightful chocolate shops which should be quite an incentivizing bit of info for those of y’all with a sweet tooth. 

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