tourist attractions

tourist attractions

4 of the Most Popular Tourist Attractions in the World

The world is an incredibly vast place, there’s so much wonder and beauty spread across this massive area, both man-made and natural, that’s it’s pretty much impossible to see it all. Yet, some places are able to call people back to them over and over. They stand out above the rest for a variety of reasons and command popularity above that of most tourist attractions. 

While some are quite famous and, as such, you may already know them even if you don’t travel a lot. Other places, for new travellers, in particular, might come as a surprise. So, let’s get to it by running down a list of the most popular tourist attractions throughout the world.

Eiffel Tower in Paris, France 

Paris is a city that overflows with a distinct beauty that calls people from all over the world to see its lovely sights and the Eiffel Tower is a structure that truly embodies the romantic vibe that permeates through the city of Paris. It is a must-see attraction for any traveller and has been an inspiration for numerous people over the many years of its existence. 

Machu Picchu in Peru 

If you truly wish to be wowed by the past, then Machu Picchu has your name on it. This is, arguably, the most impressive ruined city in the world, a real marvel of ancient humanity’s construction and ingenuity. Situated high in the dense jungle mountains of Peru, it’s amazing seeing this surreal sight of a mighty ancient city lying within a seemingly impenetrable jungle and with the number of visitors per day being restricted, you can be sure in knowing that your time there won’t be bogged down by large crowds.

The Acropolis in Athens 

Up above the city of Athens lies the Acropolis, an ancient temple complex built in 5th century BC. There’s a lot of fascinating ruins you’ll be able to see inside, things that will be sure to tickle your intrigue. The complex also offers some incredible views, in particular, the view from the stairs near the entrance during sunset is something wonderfully exquisite. Another reason that makes this place such a popular tourist attraction.

tourist attractions
Angkor Wat in Cambodia 

This particular tourist attraction looks straight out of fiction with all the overgrown trees and roots holding the structure in its grasp. The main centrepiece of the complex is known as Angkor Wat, a truly impressive sight and one of the main reasons people come to visit Cambodia. 

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