Nepal is Open for All Travellers – Come Enjoy this Splendorous Country

Nepal is open to all travellers, visa on arrival and no quarantine necessary, so come on down and enjoy a holiday in this wondrous country. 

With the current situation that the world is in, safety when it comes to travelling is of paramount importance to travellers. But to assuage those concerns, let’s take a look at all the ways that Nepal is working to rectify any safety issues of travelling to the country.


Nepal’s government issues a new travel advisory this year for passengers arriving and departing from Nepal which allows for a visa on arrival and a no quarantine stay. This applies to vaccinated individuals only. Unvaccinated individuals will be subject to 5 days quarantine and will need to acquire their visa before departure. More information on the matter can be found here.

Group activities such as organized tours will be limited to 12 or fewer people in order to maintain proper physical distance. Guides are trained in enhanced hygiene and distancing standards and will monitor guests well-being and compliance during their trip. Any luggage will be managed hygienically and seats disinfected after every trip. Any issues that arise during tours will be swiftly handled by local authorities and medical support groups so you can be sure to get the best possible care.

Nepal is an amazing country to visit and with the extra level of care being taken to ensure your safety, there’s no reason not to drop by. One of the main reasons that many people make their way to Nepal has been its spiritual mysticism which provides an invaluable opportunity for travellers to partake in self-exploration as they explore the beauty of this incredible country. 

People have stated that the trip to Nepal is an enlightening experience, especially when going on a journey that is personalised to provide you with an immersive experience. So, it’s best to grab this opportunity while the time’s right. 

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