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Revenge Travel – What is it About?

If you’ve been looking up places and packages for some much-needed vacation since lockdown restrictions around the world are easing up and the number of vaccinated people start to rise, then you’ve probably come across the term ‘Revenge Travel’ and wondered what exactly is it?

Well, in simple terms, it’s a buzzword used to indicate the bitter feelings people have towards the pandemic and now that things are getting better, they owe it to themselves to go out and enjoy a great vacation as a sort of ‘punch to the gut’ to COVID. 

This means that people are ready to spend a significant amount more than they would have normally. As the saying goes, “You never really understand the value of something until it’s gone”, and being gone for roughly a year has definitely made people appreciate the excitement of travelling all the more. 

I’m sure you’re in a similar situation yourself, even if you’ve never been all that big on trips abroad, the fact that you couldn’t rather than didn’t want to makes it much more enticing. And that’s pretty much the central core to what ‘Revenge Travel’ is, to go out on a trip even if it’s not ordinarily your thing and do it in greater style. 

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Speaking of celebrating in style, doing a grand trip to an exotic locale is also a great way to coalesce all the prominent events that took place during the height of the pandemic like anniversaries, birthdays, graduations and others, and celebrate them in an extravagant fashion. 

Though, while things are, undoubtedly, getting better, they’re not quite back to normal just yet. Luckily, we at Kanoo Travel are ready to help you at every turn, from our easy-to-use online booking site with a comprehensive list of options so that you can really get specific on what you need. And, if you are unsure or just need a bit of extra help, our talented travel agents are just a click or call away to help guide you through any issues or inquiries you possess. 

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