Louvre Abu Dhabi

Louvre Abu Dhabi

Why Louvre Abu Dhabi is a Must-See Attraction

If you’re in the mood to gaze at some truly exquisite art, then a trip to Paris isn’t the only way to do so now, with Louvre Abu Dhabi.  

Louvre Abu Dhabi, located on the Saadiyat Islands and constructed by French architect Ateliers Jean Nouvel, highlights the stories of cultural relations that span civilisations, geographies, and times. The museum as a whole boasts an aura of the contemporary, from its architecture to the lighting, giving you a truly modernistic setting in which to view art. 

So awaken your inner art lover and continue on to see what awaits you at the Louvre Abu Dhabi.

The Incredible Arts
Statues at the Louvre

The Louvre Abu Dhabi, often known as an “archipelago out at sea,” is home to a diverse collection of olden and modern artworks, some of which are on loan from renowned French museums. Its twelve galleries, each with an introduction, discuss mankind through a series of twelve chapters. Don’t miss the museum’s dazzling collection of more than 600 masterpieces from all across the world, each telling its own unique story.

There’s also a Children’s Museum that spans two floors with various interactive workshops and displays for kids aged six to twelve. Throughout the year, the Louvre Abu Dhabi hosts four prominent exhibitions, as well as numerous minor calendar events.

How to go about?
Louvre Abu Dhabi

Louvre Abu Dhabi offers a variety of group and guided tours, one of which is a self-guided audiovisual tour of the museum that is available in a variety of languages. Check out the HD photos, 3D views, museum stories and video interviews with stakeholders as you use an interactive map, which utilises geo-tracking, to navigate your way through the museum. You can borrow an iPad at the ticket counter, or download the software on your own tablet or smartphone. Adapted content is provided in English, French, and Arabic via the Multimedia Guide desk for visually or hearing impaired visitors.

Take a Break and Buy some Souvenirs 
Louvre Abu Dhabi

If you’re feeling fatigued, take a break from your tour and relax at the on-site Aptitude Café, a speciality coffee shop in Abu Dhabi. The café brews and serves some of the best coffee beans you’ll ever find, and you can enjoy some sweets, cakes, and other delectable treats to go along with it. If coffee isn’t your thing, the Art Lounge should be your go-to spot. This roof-top lounge offers a spectacular sunset view while dining on a Tapas-style menu.

If you’re looking for some fine souvenirs then check out the Museum’s Boutique, which has a large selection of engravings that are exact replicas of the originals, each with a connection to the museum’s collection. Get your hands on the incredible range of exhibition-inspired products, including art books, souvenirs, home décor, perfumes, and jewellery, as well as children’s toys, novels, and museum guides in several languages, the sheer variety of options is sure to make your head spin.

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