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5 Packing Tips Travelers Need to Know

Packing before a big trip is a hectic affair, try to be too conservative with your luggage and you may end up in a situation where you’re missing something essential or don’t have enough of a particular item.

On the opposite end, overloading your luggage can lead to some very costly airline baggage fees that I’m sure you would like to very much avoid. Packing is something that needs to be done just right and here are a couple of tips to ensure that ‘just right’ is always the case for you.

Advanced Preparation 

If you procrastinate, you’re just gonna tempt fate. Saving things for the last minute is a recipe for disaster. If things go wrong then, there’s not time left to do anything about them.

You don’t want that, nobody does, so ensure you avoid the scenario by starting your packing preparations at least a week in advance. Doing so will allow you both the peace of mind from having ample time and the opportunity to properly devote time to take of any issues that pop up during the process.

Don’t Hate to be Rolling

Folding clothes when you’re putting them away is something so intrinsic to our normal lives that we always default to it when the situation comes. 

However, folding is inefficient when you want to maximise storage space. If you want to fit as many clothes and you can into a single suitcase the rolling is the superior method. Tightly rolled clothes will consume much less space than folded ones and they don’t wrinkle as easily.

Take the Aid of Packing Aids 

Technology today is super convenient, there’s a device out there for pretty much any problem you may have and packing is no different.  

One of the best you can get is a compression bag that allows you to vacuum pack clothes into an incredibly lean form that takes up as little space as possible. Others like pouches and cases can be quite helpful when it comes to organization which is a key factor for efficiently packed baggage.

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Be Aware of the Rules 

It always helps to make sure your information is up to date as companies can change policies anytime. Maximum weight for check-in baggage is usually different for domestic and international or could even alter depending on the region you’re travelling to.

Airlines you travelled on before could have also changed up their rules when it comes to these things so confirming all this info before you even book a ticket is the best idea lest you end up paying hefty charges for overweight luggage.

Essential Always Belong in the Hand

Passports, visas, credit cards and other such items should always be on your person. They’re necessary on various steps during the journey though if you’ve travelled before you definitely know these things. 

Assuming that latter line is true, then for you dear experienced reader, our advice is to try and keep any expensive or highly sentimental items on your person as well. Although rare, losing check-in luggage during transit is possible so it’s best to be safe rather than regret it later if the scenario does come to pass.

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These are just a few bits of advice to help you on your packing sprees when the time comes to take a trip. Hopefully soon too because everyone could do with more vacations and we can help you out with the booking as well.

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