3 More Places to Visit if You love Hiking

Hiking is a wonderful activity that can easily fill you with immense satisfaction upon the completion of a challenging hike. We already took a look at 3 fantastic hiking spots in the world so now, let’s explore a couple more.

Inca Trail in Peru 

One of the great experiences of life is descending from the Inca Trail into Machu Pichu at sunrise. The Inca Trail is a 42-kilometre trek that will take you across two 13,000-foot passes, clearly, a trek for those not easily swayed. The trail follows the path taken by the Incas over 650 years ago, with much of the original stonework still visible. You’ll pass through two Inca tunnels, the ancient ruin of Winay Wayna, and numerous waterfalls along the way. This is a strenuous hike that takes four days to complete in inclement weather. It can be hot and humid, raining heavily, scorching hot, and even cold at times. Make sure you’re ready for any type of weather. There are a number of hiking companies in the region that you can choose from.

Samaria Gorge in Greece

The Samaria Gorge hike is one of Crete’s top attractions and the best hike on the island. This one-way hike begins in pine forests and descends through a narrow valley before reaching the Libyan Sea.

The hike is just over 16 kilometres long, with a total elevation gain of over 1,500 meters.

The first hour of the hike is the most difficult, as you descend a long series of switchbacks before reaching the stream that created this incredible gorge. The trail levels out at this point, and the remaining 13 kilometres or so are a relatively easy stroll. Around halfway through the hike, you’ll reach the trail’s most famous spot: a narrow gorge with sheer gorge walls only a few meters apart and 300 meters high.

You’ll eventually arrive in the small town of Agia Roumeli. The black sand beach here is ideal for a refreshing swim. While you wait for your boat ride back to civilization, grab a snack or a cold drink from one of the many shops nearby.

Milford Track, New Zealand

The Milford Track is a 53-kilometre long trek on New Zealand’s South Island that passes through some of the country’s most beautiful scenery.

Over the course of five days, you’ll pass by numerous waterfalls, including New Zealand’s highest, Sutherland Falls.

As you stroll along each day, you will be amazed by cold, crystal-clear alpine lakes, gorgeous meadows, sparkling glaciers, and towering mountain peaks. Basic alpine huts or more comfortable private lodges are available for stay, but both must be reserved in advance.

The weather in this part of New Zealand is unpredictable, and it can be very wet. Every year, the area receives an incredible nine meters of rain.

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