Luxor – Top Things to Do in this Historically Rich Town

Luxor is a town that stands above the rest in Egypt in terms of its historic wealth and attractions. The town is almost like one massive open-air museum with the number of ancient attractions you can visit. Though historical structures may be at the forefront of Luxor’s fame. There are various other activities to do and things to see, some of which we’re happy to outline below.

Visiting the Temple of Karnak

Out of a great many monuments, you can find in Luxor, the Temple of Karnak is, arguably, the grandest and most beautiful of the lot. Within its complex lies the Temple of Khons, the Great Temple of Amun and the Festival Temple of Tuthmosis III. In addition to these, there are also numerous minor temples and sanctuaries.

The Temple of Karnak is a structure that has seen constant revision and additions over the many years of its existence as the successive rulers vied to adorn this great temple with their mark. The monuments on display within the temple are massive in scale and are sure to leave you awestruck once you gaze upon them. The whole complex is full of amazing sights to see, so much so that it would take you up to 3 hours to see it all on your own. They are also plenty of tours that save time by focusing on the main highlights. 

Riding a Hot Air Balloon over Luxor 

If you’re willing to wake up at the crack of dawn, then there’s a fantastic adventure with your name on it. Hot Air Balloon rides in Luxor lift off just after sunrise and float over the West bank. The bird’s eye view from the top is an astounding sight of green fields tucked between barren hills along with Luxor’s famous temples and tombs. The flight lasts for about 45 mins but the whole endeavour can take about 3 hours so make sure you come prepared. 

Ridding the Felucca to Banana Island

Time for you to sit back, relax and enjoy a nice ride across the waters in a felucca ride to Banana Island. It’s a five-kilometre ride upriver starting from Luxor all the way to a tiny palm-filled island. It’s a great way to take a break from the regular desert landscape that is the backdrop for all the popular temples.  

Hitching a ride on a felucca is fairly easy as boast captains wait for customers along the Corniche Road in downtown Luxor. They’ll usually charge you by the hour and the trip to and back takes about 3 hours total. You’ll want to just kick back and take in the scenery around the Nile as the felucca travels up the river, a scenery that is most beautiful around sunset. 

Luxor Museum

While going through the many ancient temples is a great way to explore the history of Egypt, if you want a place truly packed to the brim in historical wealth, then the Luxor Museum is the place to be. The collection housed here tells a tale of history from the time of the Old Kingdom to the Islamic Period. 

The prized possessions of the museum are its two Royal Mummies, Ahmose I and, what is believed to be, Ramses I. These mummies alone make the museum worth the visit but there is, of course, much more for you to see with the upper floor containing a glistening display of amulets, grave and tomb furnishings, silver bowls and votive tablets running across the centre of the floor.

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