Seycehellois cuisine

Seycehellois cuisine

Seychellois Cuisine – Dishes You Need to Try

Blending together flavours from three different continents, Seychellois cuisine sports Chinese and Indian influences from Asia, French and British influences from Europe and has its roots in cuisine from Africa.

With its bountiful seas and array of tropical fruits, there are numerous local ingredients that come together to provide a variable cascade of delicious dishes. There’s a dish for everyone and here are some popular concoctions that you should give a taste when visiting the islands.

Octopus Curry 

A traditional mainstay of the locals, Octopus curry presents you with the opportunity to delight your taste buds with something beyond the mainstream curries such as chicken or fish. This Seychellois cuisine is prepared with diced octopus that’s boiled and then cooked in coconut milk with a variety of spices added to the mix such as curry powder, garlic and ginger. There’s a bunch of other ingredients that can be added too depending on who’s cooking it so trying just this dish out at different spots around the island will already offer you a diversity of culinary experiences. 


After some delicious Octopus curry, maybe you’re in the mood for a vegetarian option. Then, my dear reader, Satini is what you’re looking for. On its own or as a side dish, this wonderful salad works anywhere, anytime.

Satini is traditionally made with unripe fruits, such as golden apples or raw papayas, finely shredded and mixed spices and onion. It’s also quite a spicy treat, so take a bit of caution if you’re not used to high spice levels. 

Even if vegetarian meals aren’t really your thing, you can still try this tasty salad as it has alternatives made of fish meat.

Seycehellois cuisine
Breadfruit Chips

There’s a lot to see over in Seychelles, travelling around the island, taking in as many as lovely sights as you can, it’s going to be a huger inducing endeavour. However, snacking along the road is a great way to combat those hunger pangs and a great snack for any visitor is Breadfruit chips. 

Breadfruits are a type of tropical fruit that are quite plentiful in Seychelles. These fruits are consumed by locals in a variety of ways but the most popular method might just be as spectacularly crunchy chips. Lightly salted and highly munchable, make sure you grab a few packets of these for a quick snack on the road.


A great savoury dish needs to be followed up by a great dessert and that’s exactly what Ladob proves itself to be. This Seychellois cuisine is prepared using either bananas or sweet potatoes which are cooked in coconut milk and then seasoned with nutmeg, cinnamon and vanilla. The end result is an immensely creamy concoction, one that will, undoubtedly, leave you wanting more.

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