Why Now Is the Perfect Time to Visit Asia

The continent of Asia is a truly massive land, one filled with countless countries and cultures, each with its own unique experiences to offer. But considering the vastness of the land and variety of locales, it’s best to start planning with a little head start, a head start that we’re happy to provide.

From the best beaches, hotels, restaurants and scenic views, there’s many a country to visit on this incredible continent.


Visit the famous Maya Bay, featured in the movie, “The Beach”, which opened 3 years after being closed for rehabilitation. While there, you can stay at the luxurious Conde Nast, voted “best hotel” in Thailand for 2022. Railay and Koh Kood were voted as some of the best beaches for 2022 by CNN. Another fantastic locale is Chiang Mai where you can enjoy a wonderful stay at the Raya Heritage hotel.

Singapore - Asia

Singapore is a beautiful place to visit, where any picture you can capture is Instagram-worthy so go wild and explore this massive city-state. After an amazing day spent exploring the sights, you’ll no doubt want to dig into a splendid meal. If you wish to really excite your taste buds, then hop on over to Odette, Asia’s best restaurant, for, possibly, the best dinner you’ll ever have. 

Malaysia - Asia

Penang is often said to be one of the best destinations in Asia to travel to for vacation so why not find out for yourself how true that is? You can visit the stunning Penang Hill, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve for a truly magical stay.

Laos - Asia

Explore the vibrant lands of Laos and book a night at the fascinating ‘jungle’ resort, Namkat Yorla Pa. Another particularly exciting place to visit would be the Tad Yeuang waterall. 

Cambodia - Asia

For vaccinated travellers, this is the most open country in the region, entry requires only a visa, PCR test, and vaccination card. Within Cambodia, there are no restrictions on travel. Visit Kiriom National Park and stay at the Shinta Mani Wild, which Conde Nast named the best hotel in Cambodia in 2022.

Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka

In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, the World Tourism Council named Sri Lanka the safest country in Asia to visit with Colombo topping the charts as one of the best places to visit in 2022. Sri Lanka is a beautiful place where you can truly feel one with nature as you explore its many wonders.


Stay at Soneva Fushi, the so-called island of love, Conde Nast’s pick for the best hotel in the Maldives for 2022, or Vakkaru, which was its pick for the leading resort in the Indian Ocean last year. The beautiful waters of the Raa Atoll should be a must-see as their glow underneath the night sky is a frankly breathtaking sight.

Philippines 1

According to the Taste Atlas, the Filipino traditional dish “sinigang” was named the best soup in the World. Pay a visit to the community of Bojo on the island of Cebu, which was named best tourism village by the United Nations World Tourism Organization. The Philippines was named the “World’s Leading Dive Destination” for the third year in a row at the World Travel Awards.

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