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Yanbu, Saudi Arabia‘s westernmost city, is brimming with tourist attractions, white-sand beaches, and historical and modern sites to see. During the summer, Yanbu’s weather remains hot and humid so it’s best to go is when the weather is mild. 

Lawrence of Arabia House

Thomas Edward Lawrence, or Lawrence of Arabia, was a British intelligence officer who aided the Saudis, British, and French forces in their fight against the Ottoman Empire during World War I. Make a point of visiting this historically significant and beautifully restored Lawrence of Arabia home, where he spent many of his significant years.

Yanbu Waterfront

Yanbu beaches are distinct from those seen elsewhere in Saudi Arabia because of their soft sand. Although Yanbu has various beaches where you can swim, Yanbu Waterfront is probably your best bet for a great time. There’s even a specific area for youngsters to swim in shallow water, making it a great spot in particular for families.

Al Nawras Island

Al Nawras Island should be at the top of your list if you’re seeking an island to visit in Yanbu. The good news is that there is no need to charter a boat because Yanbu and this island are connected by a road. The authorities keep the island clean and in excellent condition. There is also a large park with all manner of rides that will be great fun for families. 

Yanbu Al Nakhl

Al Nakhl is a heritage area with various archaeological monuments to see thus making it quite the popular tourist destination. You can stop and explore any of these sites when driving through this area. The settlement of Al Suwaiq is where caravans carrying goods and pilgrims meet. These pilgrims are typically those who travel by water or by land. Al Suwaiq also goes by another name, for this reason, i.e the Monday market.

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