tv shows to binge

tv shows to binge

Best TV Shows to Binge on a Long Flight

With the advent of streaming services such as Netflix, the binge model of television consumption quickly started to become popular. No longer having to wait week after week for a new episode of our favourite shows, we can now consume entire seasons in a single sitting. Which is a wonderful concept for travellers, being able to pass the hours away in the blink of an eye thanks to being absorbed in a particularly engrossing show. 

To that end, here are some of the most binge-worthy shows you can check out on a long flight.

The Queen’s Gambit 

This seven-episode limited series tells the tale of Beth Harmon, a chess prodigy who rises through the ranks from humble beginnings to great heights of fame and recognition, each step up the ladder adding to the burden of issues she carries. 

It’s a beautifully shot and intensely gripping series highlighted by the captivating performance of its lead actress. Its limited-series label means it’s a one and done story, a great standalone watch to binge on a long flight.

The Witcher 

What was once a famous book series in its country origin has gained worldwide fame thanks to a hugely successful video game adaptation and has now gained itself an engaging television series. The series follows Geralt of Rivia, a sort of magic mutant mercenary known as a Witcher, as he finds himself bound by destiny’s machinations and thrown into a grander plot. 

It’s a wonderfully fun show, one that balances its monster-slaying action, strong character dynamics and wrily wit in a strong eight-episode package. The Witcher is just a great time all around, whether you’re a fan of the books, video games or just looking for a solid new fantasy series to binge on, this show will definitely meet your expectations. As there’s currently only one season out, now’s the perfect time for catching up. 

The Haunting of Hill House 

We went from gripping drama to fun fantasy and now we move on to chilling horror with The Haunting of Hill House. Following the Craine family who through unexpected circumstances are forced to stay longer in this macabre mansion than originally anticipated, find themselves beset all manner of paranormal activity. The events result in tragedy and force the remaining family to flee but 26 years later, they find themselves drawn to the place once again, this time possibly for good. 

Its impeccably constructed atmosphere and constantly building tension make every episode feel like both an eternity and an instant. It’s a captivating tale through and through, one that demands your attention for its entire run thus making it absolutely perfect for a binge. 

Shadow and Bone

And, for our last pick, we go back to fantasy once again with Shadow and Bone. Similar to The Witcher, this television show is an adaption of a popular book series and has had a smashing success of a first season. The series follows Alina who, in classic YA fashion, turns out to have a unique power that throws her into a bevvy of tumultuous situations to adapt to and ultimately overcome.

The premise for this television series definitely hit a lot of the genre notes but a fantastic example of a show’s quality lying in its execution. It plays its strengths deftly and is able to craft a narrative and cast that makes you want to get to know more of. It’s a perfect example of spinning gold from straw and one that should make its way onto every fantasy lover’s binge list. 

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