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    New service from Dubai to New York/Newark starting from 28 March 2023

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    Explore Al Balad – Best Activities in Jeddah’s Oldest Neighbourhood Part 1

    Take a minute to gather your bearings as you arrive at the colourfully painted pillars that welcome travellers to Jeddah's Al Balad area.

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    Silver Sands Beach in Jeddah – The Perfect Getaway

    Silver Sands Beach in Jeddah is a pristine beach that features gorgeous soothing sunsets and turquoise waves striking the shoreline.

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    Best Spots to Visit In Taif Part 2

    Taif is a place with so many incredible spots to visit and there are still more that you should make a point to visit. 

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    Best Spots To Visit In Taif, The City Of Roses

    Taif, the city of roses, is known for its fragrant rose blooms that flourish in the surrounding valleys and hillsides

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    Top Destinations in Saudi Arabia for Art Lovers

    It may surprise you to find that Saudi Arabia has an art scene of equal vibrancy to the places often regarded to be art capitals.

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    A Day in Al Ahsa – Best Places to Visit

    The oasis at Al Ahsa is the biggest in the world and alongside it are a number of other tourist destinations.

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    Attractions in AlUla that You Need to Visit

    AlUla is overflowing with historical tourist attractions, a true treasure trove of history that demands to be seen by any travel enthusiast.