hiking in al ula

hiking in al ula

Hiking in Al Ula – A Trek Through a Land of Ancient History

Hiking in Al Ula is a popular activity for visitors to the region. Known as the World’s Masterpiece, this grand region of historical richness offers a unique experience for tourists, as it gives them the chance to trek through a land of ancient beauty. 

Hiking in Al Ula gives you a chance to experience the serenity of the night desert, explore hidden valleys and intriguing rock formations, and allows you to gaze upon the enchanting view of the palm tree-filled Oasis.

It’s an adventure worth experiencing with three very different, yet all great, trails to hike through. 

The Hidden Valley Hike

Experience the tranquillity of the Arabian desert under the soft glow of the night sky in this secluded nature walk. It’s a wonderful journey that will take you, step by step on the silky soft sand, through peaceful valleys and give you the opportunity to gaze upon grand rock formations.

The beautiful vista of mounds of sand painted red and orange is a beautiful view to start your journey and a great reminder of the enchanting beauty of Al Ula. The hike takes about 1.5 hours to complete and is considered to be at a medium level of difficulty. 

hiking in al ula
Al Ula Oasis view Trail

Climb up the Alfath mountain peak for a breathtaking view over the Al Ula oasis on this two-hour guided hike. You’ll be able to see millions of palm trees in the valleys below after you make your way trek through the Sandstone Mountains. If you start your hike a little later in the day, you’ll be able to experience a unique highlight in the form of a captivating sunset spreading across the beautiful oasis, a truly rewarding sight of those hiking in Al Ula. 

The hiking area for this trek is at Al Muetadal wild park though hikers generally meet at Winter Park and are provided transport to the former. This hike is also considered to be at the medium level.

Adventure Trail

This roughly 3 to 4 hour hike is the most historically enriching of the bunch as it will take you on a journey through time, thousands of years into the past, to tell you the tales of the people who once lived here. The way they lived, the way they fought, the way they engraved their presence into this great land. An expert guide will lead the way here to give you the full historical experience. 

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