benefits of travelling

benefits of travelling

Benefits of Travelling – A Healthy Adventure

While travelling has seen a drop in recent times due to a global pandemic and all, it is slowly getting back to what it once was. And, if you’re on the fence, maybe a bit of information on the benefits of travelling may be enough to tip the scales.

Physically Rewarding 

If you’re normally an active person wondering why travel is important, get ready to learn about some fantastic benefits that are in it for you. There are a multitude of reasons why travel is beneficial to your health, from running through airports and train stations to make that tight connection to hiking through uneven ground on your mountain climbing adventures to getting some vitamin D as you catch rays of sunlight on the beach.

According to research conducted by the Global Commission on Aging and Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies, Travel lowers the risk of heart attacks and improves brain health. Among other findings, the study discovered that men who take an annual vacation are 30% less likely to die from heart disease. 

All that already sounds fantastic, don’t you agree? And we’re just getting started on the benefits of travelling.

benefits of travelling
Reduce that Stress and Anxiety 

One of the many great benefits of travelling, according to a controlled trial conducted by Austrian researchers and published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, is that can reduce stress and anxiety.

The researchers discovered that even a single short-term vacation, approximately 3 days, can have quite profound positive effects when it comes to stress, strain, recovery and well-being. Furthermore, the positive effects will last for a long time after you return home.

Just make sure your mode of transportation does not cause you stress.

If you are afraid of flying or dislike family vacations, consider taking a train trip or going on a solo trip. The important thing is to get away from the constant stress of daily life in order to relax and reset your mind.

Disconnect and Recharge 

Disconnecting to recharge is one of the best things you can do for your mental health every now and then, especially in today’s world of hectic daily life. Working or studying for days, weeks, or months at a time may help you get where you want to go, however, everyone deserves a break from the chronic stress every now and then. If not, you may experience burnout, depression, anxiety, and a slew of other issues.

If travelling to a foreign country or experiencing a different culture does not sound like a true escape from daily life and its stressful situations, stay close to home or take a solo trip to somewhere remote and serene. The most important part is that you are able to relax. That’s both a tip for and benefit of travelling.

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