Rotterdam – 4 Trendy Restaurants to Try

Looking for a great place to eat in Rotterdam? Well then, buckle up and take a walk through four amazing dining locations.

Rotterdam - Euromast

This well-known observation tower in Rotterdam is the city’s tallest structure and also houses one of its most renowned eateries.

In addition to conventional a la carte ordering, the restaurant offers a ‘surprise’ prix fixe menu of three, four, or five meals, all made using seasonal ingredients. Euromast also offers one of the most thrilling eating experiences in the Netherlands, with a 360-degree perspective of the entire city.


This lovely restaurant is housed in the former public slaughterhouse of Rotterdam, giving it an unexpected historic character for such a modern eatery. The interior is elegantly adorned with a variety of unique objects, paintings, and sculptures, all of which are committed to supporting local artists. Local artisans have even designed the dining plates. You can also take your plate home if you enjoy it. 

Brazzo, famed for its quiet, romantic ambience, is ideal for couples and is conveniently located near a number of appealing bars and clubs.

Rotterdam - Parkheuvel

This magnificent French restaurant, which has received multiple honours for excellence, including two Michelin stars, offers 180-degree views of the lovely Meuse River and Het Park from a glass-enclosed façade.

This is the cream of the crop of Rotterdam dining, known for its superb presentation and service, as well as its meticulous pairing of the multiple courses and wines.


After only a year in existence, Amarone was granted a Michelin Star, and it has since built its name on an unrelenting devotion to fine dining. With a stunning contemporary interior, gorgeous presentation, and an extensive menu combining elements of Spanish, French, and Mediterranean cuisine, Amarone has also been widely lauded for its exceptional value, a quality not often attributed to Michelin Star recipients.

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