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Petra – Must See Locations in this Ancient City

While actually going back in time may be impossible, you can get pretty close to such a feat when visiting Petra in Jordan. What was once the capital of the Nabatean empire now stands as an archaeologist’s paradise. So much has been discovered about this ruined city as the years have gone by and yet an equal amount of mystery still remains. This aura of intrigue attracts more than 500,000 visitors to Petra each year, all anticipating the chance to bask in the glory of the past.  

This magnificent UNESCO World Heritage Site has over 800 registered sites, a true treasure trove of grand attractions to see, some more enticing than others.


This massive testament to the value of entertainment, with a seating capacity of about 8500, is impossible for you to miss. Its circular venue with stone seats initially sat only 3000 but was expanded to more than double that by the Romans. You’ll find that the theatre is a great place for you to get feel for how lively the city used to be back in its heyday. 

Royal Tombs

These four distinct tombs are just a short, but tough, climb from the valley floor, a little ways beyond the theatre. The tombs are quite fascinating to wander through especially if you’re prone to a love of history. At the top of this historical hike, you’ll find a wonderfully breathtaking panoramic view that provides the perfect backdrop for a lovely picnic.


Al-Kahzneh is, arguably, the most iconic site in Petra with it being at the top of many people’s itineraries. Al-Khazneh is also known as the “Treasury” though this word is a misnomer as the monument, in actuality, is the tomb of a Nabataean king. Al-Khazneh came to be called as such due to an ancient legend that speaks about an ancient treasure buried at the site but an Egyptian pharaoh. Al-Khazneh is also a part of the Petra At Night Show which features Petra lit by over 1500 candles accompanied by an incredible light show and lively music. It’s quite a grand show, one that is sure to thoroughly ingrain itself in your memories. 


With more than 800 steps through the hills, the trek to Al-Deir is definitely an arduous one. Even so, it’s a journey that’s absolutely worth the trouble. The intricate architecture carved straight into the mountainside evokes the definition of stunning beauty. The extended plaza out in the front brings to mind the massive crowds that once used to gather here for various rituals and celebrations. It’s all a truly wonderful sight wan will probably be the highlight of your journey to Petra. 

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