asir national park

asir national park

Asir National Park – A Region of Untamed Wilderness

Asir National Park is a vast region of untamed wilderness and was Saudi Arabia’s first national park, being opened back in the last quarter of 1980. It covers an area of about 1,600 square kilometres and houses over 300 species of birds. 

It’s a magnificent testament to the country’s natural beauty and a great place to visit for any tourist. Asir National Park contains 67 campsites and 45 picnic sites which are conveniently marked for visitors on the map available at the park’s entrance.

While you may think of a simple cloth tent by a small fire when you hear the word “campsite”, the reality is far more pleasant. The campsites within Asir National Park have a host of modern facilities from parking, toiletries, piped water, concrete tables and seats and much more. Nature trails, lookouts and hiking paths are also available if you’re the adventurous type. Outside of these campsites though, the rest of the park remains a wilderness.

Asir National Park

Another highlight of Asir National Park is Jabal Soodah, the highest mountain in the country. The mountain ranges are obscured in fog for most of the winter season though, so if you want to see this particular wonder, you might want to schedule your trip outside of the winter months. The view from the top of the mountain is easily reachable via cable car and is something that is well-worth experiencing, it’s a truly spectacular sight that you don’t want to miss. 

The whole valley is covered by juniper forests that bring a pleasant coolness to the entire region making it a great place to spend time on a hot summer’s day. During winter, this coolness translates to an almost freezing temperature and the region, on occasion, does see snowfall as well. Hiking through the junipers is quite the adventure and after that strenuous activity, you would do well to spend the evening at Asir National, relaxing in the splendour of nature’s beauty. 

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