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It’s no surprise that London is the top vacation spot for many people. It’s the most visited city in Europe, packing about 27 million tourists each year. Today, London is one of the world’s most varied cities, with a rich history and some of the world’s most spectacular culture.

Every district, which is divided into the active and diverse sections of North, West, South, and East London, as well as the commercial and tourism hub of Central London, has its own distinct neighbourhoods. In London, there is always something to see and do with it having some of the best art, entertainment, shopping, cuisine, and history in the world.

Hyde Park 

Hyde Park is a famous park in London and also one of its largest. The park has a storied history with a variety of demonstrations and protests having taken place there. 

Every week, discussions and performance arts take place in the park’s iconic Speaker’s Corner. There are a myriad of memorial elements within the park, as well as two bodies of water, the most famous of which is the Serpentine. You can get some fresh air right in the heart of the city while also having the opportunity to go paddle-boating and see a lot of swans.

Westminster Abbey

Withing Westminster lies the Houses of Parliament and the world-famous Big Ben and thus the area is considered London’s political heart. The clocktower’s bell, the Big Ben, still rings every hour. 

Westminster Abbey is also located in the area and is open to the public on most days. If you feel a bit fatigued from exploring the site, it’s best to make a quick stop at Parliament Square, home to monuments of many notable political figures such as Winston Churchill and Nelson Mandela.


North London’s Camden is a well-known cultural district. The audiences here are quite deiverse and are known for their alternative culture. Camden Market is varied and eclectic, with street food from around the world and a plethora of stalls selling trinkets and one-of-a-kind artwork to take home. Browse antique clothing racks, pick up a secondhand book to take with you on your travels, or stop by Cookies And Scream, one of the city’s greatest vegan bakeries.

After your shopping adventure, take a trip down to Camden Lock to rest by the Regent’s Canal or walk all the way to King’s Cross along the water.

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