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Attractions in AlUla that You Need to Visit

AlUla is overflowing with historical, archaeological, and tourist attractions, a true treasure trove of history that demands to be seen by any travel enthusiast. Though, you may ask yourself, what’s the best time to actually make a trip to AlUla? 

Well, I don’t exactly know you so I can’t say what fits you best. But, I can say that AlUla experiences extremely hot summers and persistently chilly winters, thus for most, winter is the more ideal time to visit as you’ll be doing most of your sightseeing during the daytime. 

Ultimately, the choice is yours. But, whenever you go, make sure that these destinations are on your itinerary. 

Hegra (Madain Saleh)

It is thought that the Thamud people first settled in Madain Saleh, once the capital of the Kingdom of Lihyan, around 800 B.C.

There are tour packages that you’ll have to book to enter Madain Saleh which will take you to a variety of locales such as Winter Park, Tomb of Lihyan Son of Kuza, Jabal AlBanat, Jabal Ithlib and the Handcraft Pavilion

Elephant Rock

The second-most important tourist destination in AlUla is the 50-meter-tall Elephant Rock known as Jabal Al Feel.

Elephant Rock is surrounded by a fence, and access is given on a first-come basis. A fire will be lit for you in the sunken sofa areas, and there are drumming classes for children and adults as well as a cafe that serves drinks and light meals.

Dadan and Jabal Ikmah

The Dadanite and later the Lihyanite Kingdoms both held Dadan as their capital. Tourists love to visit the famed Lion Tombs in AlUla, which are identified by seated lion sculptures.

Visit Jabal Ikmah to see hundreds of inscriptions and writings in five different languages, mostly from the Dadanite and Lihyanite periods, on the cliffs and rock faces.

Al Mabiyat Village (AlUla Old Town)

Up until the eighth century, Al Mabiyat Village was regarded as the second-most significant city in the Hejaz after Makkah. With 900 houses, 500 shops, and 5 town squares, AlUla’s old town is a popular tourist destination that you can visit as part of many tour packages.

AlUla Viewpoint

You should take a trip to a place known as AlUla viewpoint if you want to get a unique perspective of the entire city. Additionally, it is the area’s top location for barbecuing. However, keep in mind that in some places, the road leadin

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