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Turkish Cuisine- 4 More Delicious Dishes

Istanbul definitely has some mouth-watering Turkish cuisine, but four is hardly scraping the surface, so here are a few more delicious Turkish dishes. 


Everybody loves pizza, I dare you to find someone that doesn’t. So, with that universal fact in mind, you should try out Lahmacun, which is basically the Turkish version of pizza, well, another version after Pide anyway. 

This scrumptious dish consists of a flatbread base topped with minced meat, a salad, lemon juice and an array of Mediterranean spices. You can eat it as is or even as a wrap, either way, you’re in for a delightful party in your mouth from the assortment of flavours that will flow forth. It’s a popular street food within the country so finding one to chow down on should be fairly easy. 

Iskender kebab

This particular type of kebab originates in Bursa, a region to the northwest of Turkey. The name of this dish is said to be of the man that first created it in the region back in 1867.

This delicious Turkish cuisine consists of thin slices of doner meat which is laid over pieces of pide bread and then slathered in a generous helping of tomato sauce. Finally, a small amount of sizzling butter is added and the final result sieves with a potion of yoghurt green pepper and grilled tomatoes. Rich, juicy and wonderfully delectable, your taste buds are gonna be thanking you a ton after you have a bit of this dish.

turkish cuisine

You could call this one the Turkish rendition of scrambled eggs, Menemen is wonderfully flavourful with a nice soft texture to it. This Turkish cuisine is made from eggs that are scrambled and cooked carefully with onions, peppers, paprika and oregano. It’s a delightful breakfast item that’s tasty and quick to make. 


This savoury pastry dish is cooked on a sac which is a hot convex metal plate. Gozleme are like small flaky pockets filled with delectable minced beef, salty white cheese or spinach. They’re compact concentrations of flavour with a level of tastiness that will make you just want to keep eating more and more. 

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